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  • The infection goes down and affects the pharynx, trachea and bronchi. Amoxil, pharyngitis or tracheitis develops with further addition of bronchitis.
  • Keratoconjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea of ​​the eyes, manifested by the sensation of sand in the eyes, their redness, injection of the sclera, pain, the formation of crusts on the eyelashes and films on the conjunctival membrane.
  • Whitish dots appear on the cornea, which coalesce, leading to clouding of the cornea.
  • With the simultaneous development of conjunctivitis and pharyngitis, pharyngoconjunctival fever occurs.

Amoxil of the disease in adults are the following pathologies: frontal sinusitis, sinusitis, eustachitis, purulent otitis media, secondary bacterial pneumonia, bronchial obstruction, kidney disease.

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Clinic of the disease in children. Adenovirus infection in children is manifested by the following symptoms: Intoxication syndrome. Amoxicillin is often naughty, becomes restless, sleeps poorly, often spits up, his appetite worsens, intestinal colic and diarrhea occur. Breathing through the nose becomes difficult, pharyngitis, tracheitis, tonsillitis develop.

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At the beginning of Amoxicillin, the discharge of the nose has a serous character, and then thickens and becomes mucopurulent. Pharyngitis symptoms are pain and sore throat, coughing. The tonsils hypertrophy and protrude beyond the palatine arches, which redden and swell. On the hyperemic posterior wall of the pharynx, foci of bright red color appear, covered with mucus or whitish overlays. Bronchitis develops when a bacterial infection is attached. It manifests itself as a dry, obsessive cough, which greatly disturbs the baby. After a while, the cough dries up and phlegm appears.

Conjunctivitis is a common symptom of the disease, which appears by the 5th day of illness. Children are worried about pain and burning sensation in the eyes, pain, tearing, a feeling of interference, itching. The mucous membrane of the eye turns red and swells, the eyelashes stick together, crusts appear on them, which are dried discharge from the inflamed horseassets.

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The development of gastroenteritis is possible, as well as the spread of infection to the urinary tract, which is manifested by a burning sensation during urination and the appearance of blood in the urine.

A sick child has a typical appearance: a pasty face, edematous and hyperemic eyelids, a narrowed palpebral fissure. On palpation, mobile and enlarged lymph nodes are found. Stool disorders - diarrhea - are typical for young children.

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In infants, the disease develops extremely rarely, which is associated with the presence of passive immunity. If the infection does occur, then the disease is difficult, especially in children with perinatal pathology. In patients, after amoxil of a bacterial infection, signs of respiratory failure appear. This can be fatal.
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According to the severity, three forms of adenovirus infection are distinguished: Light - with a temperature less than 38.5 ° C and intoxication. Moderate - with temperatures up to 40 ° C without intoxication. Severe - with the development of complications: inflammation of the bronchi or lungs, keratoconjunctivitis.

Signs of adenovirus infection: